Suffix code

Model Code Information
HY- HY-TN series sign tower
Function TN       Continuous light only Bulb type
TWBN       Continuous light, flashing light, buzzer
Power supply
24     24 V d.c
220     220 V a.c
Stacking modules 1   1 stack (Red)
2   2 stack (Red, green)
3   3 stack (Red, yellow, green)
4   4 stack (Red, yellow, green, blue)
5   5 stack (Red, yellow, green, blue, white)
Bracket selection   None (L type bracket standard)
S Plastic bracket installation (ST-011)
M MP-60 Plastic bracket installation (Bar type)


Model HY-TN
Function continuous
light only
continuous light,
flashing light,
Diameter Ø55
Number of stacks 1 ~ 5 stack
Flashing time - 60 times/1min
Buzzer melody type - Single melody,beeping
Buzzer melody volume - 80 ㏈ (1 m distance)
Power supply voltage 12 V d.c, 24 V d.c, 110 V a.c, 220 V a.c 50/60 Hz
Light source Incandescent lamp (BA 15S)
Radiating angle 360˚
Lens material SAN
Pipe material Aluminum
Lens color Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
Degree of protection IPX0 (In door)
Cetification CE
IK cord IK06

+ Lamp specification and current consumption
- Bulb (BA 15S)
Power supply voltage 24V d.c 220V a.c
Lamp capacity 5W
Light source type Bulb (BA 15S)
1 stack 0.21 A 0.04 A
2 stack 0.42 A 0.08 A
3 stack 0.63 A 0.11 A
4 stack 0.84 A 0.14 A
5 stack 1.05 A 0.17 A