· Suffix code

Model Code Description
RLA- - Turn light(Ø118)
Function KB       Rotating continuous light
KBB       Rotating continuous light and buzzer built in

Power supply voltage

D12     12 V d.c
D24     24 V d.c
A110     110 V a.c
A220     220 V a.c
Cap color R   Red
Y   Yellow
G   Green
Install type D Direct installing type
M Magnet supporter
A Cigar jack attachment magnet supporter (Only DC type)

· Specification

Ø118 Cap
Function Rotating continuous light Rotating continuous light, buzzer
Power supply voltage 12 V d.c, 24 V d.c, 110V a.c  50/60 ㎐, 220 V a.c 50/60 ㎐
Rotating speed Approx 150 times/min
Light source LED
Buzzer sound -
: PLAY :STOP Please press button to listen buzzer
Buzzer volume - Approx 90 ㏈
Material Cap: acryl resin, Body : ABS resin
Cap color Red, Yellow, Green
Degree of protection IP54